Individual Event Specialist Rules:

The Regional and National Staff have made a distinction between a specialist and an all-arounder competing only one, two, or three events (generally, but not always due to an injury).

A specialist must attain a qualifying score on the event(s) and declare specialist status before competing her first event at state. Specific qualifying scores are:

Level 7 & 8 to State: 8.0 minimum on qualifying event
Level 9 & 10 to State: 8.5 minimum on qualifying event
Level 9 & 10 to Regionals: 9.0 minimum on qualifying event

If a gymnast enters the championship as an all-arounder, she cannot compete as a specialist at regionals. A gymnast that registers for state in the all-around, but is unable to compete all four events at state, may touch out the remaining events and petition entry into regionals as an all-arounder only. This effectively eliminates the possibility of scratching the last event at state for the sole purpose of qualifying as a specialist at regionals.

Mobility requirement for a specialist is 8.5/event for all levels.